Svarog Rubezh russian deephunter

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    Search for treasures
    Military archeology
    Search for gold nuggets
    Search for meteorites
    Military artifacts and military equipment
    Sunken objects.

The Svarog RUBEZH deep metal detector was originally developed as an easy-to-learn, very deep and effective metal detector for military archeology and searching for military artifacts with a 60 * 40 cm search coil sensor, or a 140x140 cm frame sensor for detecting large metal targets at extreme depths up to 8m.

Further developments made it possible to expand the range of application of Svarog RUBEZH impulse metal detectors. From searching for coins in the most unfavorable conditions, to quickly exploring large areas to the maximum depth.

    The search automatically ignores small metal debris (nails, corks, foil),
    In addition to this, there is a regulator for adjusting the response of the device depending on the size of the target, this is undoubtedly an advantage when working in trashy areas (for example, in places of battles, you can deflect signals from fragments and shells).
    When using a coil with a diameter of 28 cm, you can search for small objects (for example, gold nuggets), moreover, on the most difficult and salty soils, including salt water!
    An amplifier of weak signals is incorporated into the circuit of the device, which gives an increase to the depth of detection.
    The detector has increased sensitivity to gold and silver.

Setting up a Svarog RUBEZH deep metal detector is extremely simple and does not take much time. The device has an automatic ground balance with tracking. This makes the search very comfortable. the device is very stable, deep, and has no false positives to the ground.

Specifications "Svarog RUBEZH"

Working frequency: 450Hz
Discriminator: no
Removal from garbage: yes
Ground balance: automatic with tracking
Headphone jack: yes, 6.35 mm - 1/4 "
Working time without recharging: not less than 12 hours
Working principle: PI
Search programs: no
Display: no
Type: deep metal detector

When compared with detectors such as:

    Lorenz DEEP MAX Z1 (6 times more expensive),
    TITAN Ger 1000 (20 times more expensive),
    Pulse Star II Pro (3 times more expensive),

the depth metal detector "Svarog RUBEZH" has a greater depth of detection by at least 20%, depending on the size of the search sensor.

The standard equipment of the Svarog RUBEZH metal detector includes:

    Control block
    Carrying case for the control unit while working with the device
    Search coil 60 * 40 cm + 140x140cm frame coil
    Telescopic carbon rod with reel mounting kit